I first came to LIVE SMART in February 2010, I had suffered with my weight my entire life. Years of yo-yo dieting and attempts to lose the weight that had burdened me since childhood. This resulted in a list of health concerns including IBS, chronic headaches, constant nausea, insomnia and a complete lack of self-esteem. I eventually hit rock bottom, my weight was having a negative affect on all aspects of my life and I was in a constant state of depression, despite my physical state I also constantly walked around with what could only be described as ‘cotton-wool’ brain.

In May 2011 I made the decision to change my life, Carol provided me with the necessary supplementation and basic life skills and I began my journey of self discovery. I completed my five day detox and managed to drop my first 3kgs, I then completed my two week maintenance program and lost another 3kgs. Two months and 15kgs later- I had finally reached my first goal weight. In the two months following this; I dropped a further 3kgs.

Looking back over my journey, I can honestly say that every step was worth it. I no longer suffer with any of my previous ailments. Live Smart and Carol gave me the gift of a new me and no words could ever convey my appreciation.
I now hope my words can assist others in their journey to optimal health.

– Candice Norris